5 Sebab Utama Kenapa Aplikasi Maps.me Adalah Sangat Mengecewakan!

5 Major Reasons Why We Won’t Use Maps.me Ever Again!

Before this, we’ve used the Sygic Navigation app for offline maps. For us it’s very user-friendly, easier than any offline maps that we have previously used. However, since Maps.me app is the only app that can be used when we’re hiking in Reunion, we decided to try the app instead for navigation, and also for driving.  After all, it was built for providing offline maps to navigate while driving or walking, isn’t it?


But the outcome from this? To us, it was very disappointing! Perhaps some readers will not agree with our opinion. But, based on our experience using this application when we’re in Mauritius and Reunion, these are our main reasons why we won’t use Maps.me again:


1. Time estimation to destination is inaccurate


We’re not an extreme perfectionist, and we understand that every estimation has its own tolerance values. But, what if the tolerance was way off? Let’s say 20 minutes off? One of the strange things that happened when we were in Reunion was, Maps.me did not give the exact amount of time needed to go to the destination. Instead, it gave an estimated time from one checkpoint to another. This is very inconvenient for us the exact time to the actual location. Especially if we’re heading to the airport.


2. Incorrect navigation


The directions that were given were not exactly right. The most hilarious part was when Maps.me seems to “force” us to enter the No Entry route. It oftenly changed its navigation direction all of sudden too, which made us consufed in knowing which route should we refer and follow to now. We got so frustrated with the app that we shutdown the app and used the traditional guide map that we took from the Visitor Information Center.



3. Eternal route re-calculation


Eternal might sound dramatic and hiperbolic, however, that’s how we felt when we waited for the apps to re-calculate its route after we missed some turns. We literally had to stop at the side of the road or gas stations, just to give the app an ample time to re-calculate. Otherwise, we will miss more turns and the apps will take a longer time to give us its final direction.


4. Weird time estimation


Usually, if we use Google Maps or other offline maps, the closer we get to that destination, the less time it takes to get there. Unlike the Maps.me, the app added for an additional 5-10 minutes after we’ve passed its checkpoint. We restarted our phone, just in case, and guess what? The current time estimation was reduced to 50 minutes!


5. Weird navigation


What would you do, if the navigation that you’re currently following from the app and suddenly, the colored navigation with its arrow stray off the route? It confused the hell out of us, but we waited for 5 minutes just to see if it will come back to its original route. As expected, it didn’t. We had to restart the phone and it went back to normal. When this happened, we’re not going to lie, we were extremely frustrated to think on how much the app has wasted our time.



Based on our experiences, Maps.me will be less efficient when the car is moving. This doesn’t make any sense, especially the fact that it’s a navigation app and most of the time, you will navigate when you’re in motion. Once we completed our hiking trek in Reunion, we quickly uninstalled this app and back in using the Sygic apps. We won’t stop anybody that prefer to use Maps.me over any other apps. Everybody has their own preferences and Maps.me won’t be ours.


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